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AM Report for Todd Troxell

This is Todd Troxell's AM report.

Todd is a student in Pennsylvania, and has been using Free Software for
3.5 years, and Debian for about 2.5. He appreciates the hours of labour
the Debian developers have put into it, and decidec it's time to give
something back. His first package is wmxres, a small WindowMaker applet.

2. Identification
Even if other developers live in his state, he hasn't been able to find
anyone to sign his key, despite of various calls in debian-devel and
being in the keysigning lists. He doesn't have a car to move to a bigger
city in his state, so I finally accepted a signed scan of his driving
license. Todd will continue trying to get a sig on his key, anyway.

pub  1024D/71473F66 2001-05-07 Todd Troxell <xtat@rapidpacket.com>
sig        71473F66 2001-05-07  Todd Troxell <xtat@rapidpacket.com>
sub  2048g/E1CC160C 2001-05-07
sig        71473F66 2001-05-07  Todd Troxell <xtat@rapidpacket.com>

3. Philosophy & Procedures
Todd anwered P&P questions to my satisfaction, which covered the DFSG
and Social Contract, as well as NMU's BTS, etc. He explicitly agreed to
abide to the DFSG and DMUP policies.

P&P passed.

4. Tasks & Skills
As I said before, Todd packaged wmxres, which was a simple package, but
it was very well done. I asked him to add DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, which he
did promptly and flawlessly.

T&S passed.

I recommend that Todd gets accepted in Debian.

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