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DAM approval

I'm awaiting the last stage of the NM process (DAM approval) and was
wondering if this is likely to be done soon.

My AM has I believe given his approval, and ID check has been done.

The reason I ask is that I maintain four packages, and have just adopted
a fifth (and also have an ITP) and have to get various developers to
upload my packages for me.

At the moment, I'm waiting for someone to do a NMU for the adopted

As you can imagine, this is not ideal.

As I understand the situation regarding my application, a meeting by me
with another Debian developer here in the UK to get my gpg key signed
would be preferred.

However, as I explained a while back to my AM I live in a small village,
in a rural area, work long hours on a farm (often at weekends) and have 
no motor transport of my own. Thus, it is very difficult for me to get 
to a city for a meeting.

Given that I have fulfilled the ID part by sending my AM a signed copy
of my passport, with him confirming my identity with a Professor at a
University here in the UK, please could you tell me how things stand
regarding my application.


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