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AM report on Thierry Bourrillon

AM report on Thierry Bourrillon


When Thierry applied he lived 15 minutes away from my place. Hence
we could meet in person, and I signed his key:

pub  1024D/D94AF6B8 2000-10-17 Thierry Bourrillon <thierry.bourrillon@debian.org>
sig!       D94AF6B8 2000-10-17  Thierry Bourrillon <thierry.bourrillon@debian.org>
sig!       E0BA04C1 2000-11-28  Ralf Treinen <treinen@club-internet.fr>
sub  1024g/4C13113F 2000-10-17
sig!       D94AF6B8 2000-10-17  Thierry Bourrillon <thierry.bourrillon@debian.org>

ID check passed.

Policy & Procedures

Thierry explained in his own words DFSG and SC to me, and declares
that he abides by them. I discussed with him the case of a non-free
licence, and asked him questions about how a package can move
from non-free to main, how to adopt a package, and about the
meaning of the architecture field in the control file. Thierry
answered the questions to my complete satisfaction.

P&P passed.

Tasks & Skills

Thierry wants to take over from Brent Fulgham the "omniorb" package
(in fact Brent did already sponsored uploads of Thierry's package).
The package has some lintian warnings. Please bear in mind that
omniorb is a non-trivial package (it takes 4.5h to compile on
my 350Mhz PC), hence I think that some lintian warnings can be

Here is what Brent Fulgham, his sponsor, says about Thierry:

  Second, Thierry actually did all of the packaging on the 3.0.2 version.
  I.e., he created the *.diff file, which I then applied to a stock
  source tarball and rebuilt.  I signed the package after verifying it
  was lintian clean of any errors.

  So, for example, he updated the various configuration files, install
  scripts, build rules, etc., to meet DFSG.  Omniorb is a non-trivial
  package to build, and I think the fact that he was able to port the
  various changes I made in the 2.8.0 series to the new 3.0.2 version
  is a good accomplishment.  


  I think Thierry would
  make a good addition to Debian, and I think he is enthusiastic and
  interested in doing a good job maintaining his packages.

T&S passed.

Evaluation and Check In

I recommend Thierry as a member of Debian.

Thierry declares that he abides by the DMUP.

Preferred login: tbourrillon

Forward debian email to: gpe@cablespeed.com

-Ralf Treinen


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