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AM Report for Ryszard Lach

AM Report for Ryszard Lach

Applicant Name: Ryszard Lach
Current Email:  rla@id.pl
Debian Account: rla@debian.org forwarded to rla@id.pl

Summary: I am happy to recommend the acceptance of Ryszard Lach as a Debian
Maintainer. Notwithstanding his key-signing, I think that he will make a good
addition to our family.


The Applicant has provided the following GPG key (attached):

pub  1024D/05792F34 2000-11-29 Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>
sig        05792F34 2000-11-29  Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>
sig        28A51B73 2000-12-04  [User id not found]
sig        538BA298 2001-01-05  [User id not found]
sig        60F41216 2001-01-31  Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl>
uid                            Ryszard Łach <hostmaster@id.pl>
sig        05792F34 2001-02-05  Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>
uid                            Ryszard Lach <rla@id.pl>
sig        05792F34 2001-02-19  Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>
uid                            Ryszard Lach <postmaster@id.pl>
sig        05792F34 2001-02-19  Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>
sub  1024g/5443F089 2000-11-29
sig        05792F34 2000-11-29  Ryszard Lach <siaco@id.pl>

It is signed by Marcin Owsiany, who is a Debian developer. Unfortunately,
Marcin did not physically meet Ryszard and did not physically inspect Ryszard's
government-issed ID. Marcin did ask of and receive from Ryszard a signed image
of Ryszard's ID. I asked Ryszard for the same signed image and I include that
with this report (to DAM and Front-Desk only).

I have informed DAM of this particularly odd situation (there are some other
complicating factors wrt Marcin's key) and I leave it to his good judgement as
to how to proceed. I have chastised both Marcin and Ryszard regarding how their
keys have been signed. Both now seem to understand that how they went about
getting their keys signed violates our web-of-trust.

Identification Check Passed (kind of)

Policy and Procedures

Ryszard agrees with the Social Contract and the DFSG. Over the exchange
of a couple of emails, he demonstrated to me that he understands the
principles and extent of these documents, and that he is aware of the
responsibilities of a Debian maintainer. His answers to my questions
on copyrights and licenses convinces me that he knows what is "free"
and "non-free". 

He had a little confusion as to why TeX would be acceptable, but once I
explained the reasoning to him, he quickly grasped the answer.

I'm impressed by his answers. They were all well thought out and thorough.

Policy and Procedures Check Passed

Tasks and Skills

Ryszard wants to maintain packages. I have reviewed his work on the packaging
of libapache-mod-gzip- It took several email exchanges for him to get
it right, but he got there: mostly problems with Build-Depends and some lintian
errors. Nevertheless, I think he's getting the hang of it, and I think that
he'll be diligent on his future packages.

Task and Skills Check Passed

Luca Filipozzi
[dpkg] We are the apt. Resistance is futile. You will be packaged.

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