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New package [apt-sources]. Need assistance.

Dear Debian People,

	I have written a new package called apt-sources. Essentially, the purpose
of this package is to generate a sources.list (/etc/apt) using the closest
servers to the host it is being run on. It can either use a list of servers
in a file (in URL format, ie. ftp:// or http://), or it will query
debian.org and download an updated mirrors file, parse the HTML out and use
that. The scoring program it uses is Netselect, however it is not a
dependency. I have embedded the Netselect source code in the program, seeing
as how I am only using it utilizing certain options, it seemed optimal that
I would incorperate the source code and take out any extra code that may be
slowing the program down.

	Future modifications will possibly be adding in BING support to test
bandwidth, but as I am not totally fluent with the Netselect source code
yet, it may take a little while to incorperate as well.

	I have never developed a package for Debian before, or Linux for that
matter. I am, however, a very experienced programmer in Windows and DOS, so
please don't consider me a rookie as far as that is concerned. :)

	I have looked up the requirements for becoming a Debian developer, and it
seems very long and complicated. I know I require to get my GPG key signed,
and have no idea who to get to sign it. I think I need a sponser, and also
have no idea who to get for it. The author of APT seemed uninterested in
this package, as did the author of Netselect, however most people that I
explain the usage of the package too are right on.

	If you'd like the package source-code and feel like helping a newbie Debian
developer out, please contact me at messiah@optonline.net, I keep this
e-mail strictly for mailing list e-mails, as it can get quite busy
sometimes. The package is distributed under the BSD license.

	Thank you for reading this huge e-mail, I hope to get some support soon.

												- Danny Rodriguez

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