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improving NM 'luck of the draw' of AM

Ive just completed the NM proccess, i think my case serves as a classic
example of how the "luck of the draw" when being assigned an AM can
dictate the speed in which the application proceeds. 

I had been in the queue for 6 months and only passed one stage, on
thursday i was assigned a new AM (Jordi), and now i have been processed
from scratch in a few days.

It seems that are a few NM whos processing speed is restricted by the AM
that has been assigned to them, likewise there are some AM who dont want
the NM to be slowing things down. If we could match these people up both
parties would benefit.

I think currently AM get assigned at random, which i guess is the way it
has to be.

This has been discussed before, but if applicantions were tracked (or
logged) in some way, it would be possible for an AM to jump and help out
if the need arises (like a NMU), without waiting for the NM to get
frustrated and formally request a new AM. We would need to find a
satisfactory solution to privacy concerns in sharing information between

Or maybe if a NM hasnt been processed in a certain timeperiod there
could be some other way of allowing a second AM to easily check how
things are going and identify/fix and problems that have arisen.


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