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AM report for Colin Watson

Summary for Colin Watson <cjw44@cam.ac.uk>


pub  1024D/4917A514 1999-12-31 Colin Watson <cjw44@cam.ac.uk>
sig        C5A0FF3D 2000-05-11  Jules Bean <jules@jellybean.co.uk>

Philosophy & Procedures

No problem here.

Tasks & Skills

At the moment, Colon maintains the following packages through sponsors:

  * denemo, sponsored by Anthony Fok, packaged from scratch;
  * trn4, sponsored by Paul Slootman, packaged from scratch;
  * shaper, sponsored by Tony Mancill, adopted from Christoph Lameter;
  * browser-history, sponsored by Oliver Bolzer, adopted from Karl M.

Colin has also submitted countless bug reports to the BTS, often
including full set of patches!  I talked to Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
who said, "I owe Colin 3 cases of beer, any debian devel should
understand what I mean quite clearly."  He went on, "Colin sends me
great patches, follows the lists, and has all around been a good devel
as far as I can see just look at lintian's bts for examples.  his latest
patch he went thru and cross reference every pointer to policy in lintian
and changed it to point to the new sections that alone saved me a few
hours of work".


I recommend that Colin be accepted as a Debian maintainer.  Please,

Martin Michlmayr

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