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Fredrik Steen - Approved

AM report for Fredrik Steen

Summary: accept

1. Identification

	Fredrik provided me with an public key (GPG) intially
	unsigned which he was later able to have signed by
	both: Per Lundberg and Fredrik Hallenberg.

	The initial email exchange between Fredrik and myself
	was signed.


2. Tasks and Skills

	Fredrik intends to join a packager, to this end he has 
	packaged mp3html for Debian and also intends to package
	chkwww, a DFSG (GNU GPL) program, which he has written.

	I have checked his packaging and it was fine, it had a
	few lintian errors which Fredrik has said he will look

	From Fredrik: "I'm in discussions with the developers of 
        ntop to maybee help them package it."


3. Policies and Procedures

	Fredrik explained to me that he works for an ISP and deals
	with Debian and numerous other distributions daily.

	He has an interest in clustering Linux, and they have
	about 40 machines running Debian. He also codes in numerous
	languages: C, Perl, PHP, etc.

	He has explicitly agreed to to the social contract and
	will abide by the constitution and understand the DFSG
	well. I asked him to evaluate the OpenOffice licence
	against the DFSG - he concluded it was free.

	Fredrik has also written some of his own software which
	he intends to release under the GPL


4. Other details

preferred login: stone
email forward to: fsteen@stone.nu


   I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment's gone
   All my dreams, pass before my eyes a curiosity
   Dust in the wind, All we are is dust in the wind
   Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
                  Dust in the Wind -- Kansas, Don Kirshner

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