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AM report for Jared Johnson

Summary for Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net>


Jared's GPG key is signed by Jonathan J. Hall, recently accepted as
new maintainer.

pub  1024D/5B7CE48E 2001-01-29 Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net>
sig        5B7CE48E 2001-01-29  Jared Johnson <solomon@futureks.net>
sig        383F25B5 2001-01-31  Jonathan J. Hall <jonhall@futureks.net>

Jared would like to have "solomon" as his login on Debian machines.

Philosophy & Procedures

I asked Jared to explain the Social Contract, which he did to my
satisfaction.  The package he is interested in, galeon, is GPLed and he
started working on it back when Mozilla becoming GPLed hadn't been made
public yet.  He explained why an exception clause would have been needed
in order for galeon to be distributable.  He also explained other
licensing issues to my heart's content.  I've seen him a couple of times
on IRC, on #debian-devel, where he has behaved in a friendly and calmed
manner.  He's eager to read documentation when he's told to do so.

Tasks & Skills

Jared has been packaging galeon for a long time.  He's got a out-of-cvs
autobuilding package nowadays.  I've checked the packages and they are
good.  I pointed out a couple of problems, which he fixed promptly.
From what I've seen, Jared is skilled and competetent, and is capable of
maintaining Debian packages without problems.


I happyly recommend Jared to be accepted as a Debian Developer.  The
report to the DAM includes copies of all our email communication.


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