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What to do when AM absent?

I've got a semi-unique situation, in that I've got an application manager 
(darke) (rather than the applicant, which is normally the case) who has been
absent for some time, and pops in and out occasionally. Right now
I think he's got some connectivity problems. 
What should I do in this situation? I did have brief contact with him exactly
one week ago, but have received no emails since. Since my application in
2000-05, I've gotten my gpg key signed by two Debian developers, and
I successfully and actively maintain several packages (in unstable and
in stable). 
Is it possible to get reassigned?

darke, if you're reading this, I'm not upset with you or what you've done -
what little contact I've had with you has been quite great. :) But I would
like to get this over with - obviously there are things getting in
your way, so if possible I'd like to get reassigned. You gave it your
best - RL stuff got in the way. :)


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