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AM report for Dwayne C. Litzenberger

AM Report for Dayne C. Litzenberger


There is no debian developer living near Dwayne that could sign his
key. He issued a call on the Key Signing Coordination page,
and asked on debian-devel 
without success. Hence I accepted his scanned image of his drivers
licence and his high school student cards. When asked he named a
teacher of his high school who could confirm his identity. I contacted
that teacher (his email address is listed on the web page of Dwayne's
high school) and he replied (from a different account) that the person
on the scanned images is Dwayne.

Philosophy and Procedures

Dwayne has a good understanding of Debian's philosphy. When asked he
sent me a statement that he abides by the SC and the DFSG. I gave him
an example of free/non-free licences and he told me correctly why the
licence in question is non-free. Then I asked him more detailed
questions about how to adopt a package, how to put packages in
non-free and how to move a package from free to non-free. He answered
these questions to my complete satisfaction. 

Dwayne declares that he agree to abides by the Debian Machine Usage

Tasks and Skills

Dwayne was planning to take over the libsdl* packages. According to
Dwayne, however, the current upstream author changed his mind and does
no longer want to give them away.

Dwayne has packaged tmake, a utility to generate makefiles. The second
version of his package is lintian clean (his first version had some
bugs) hence I did a sponsored upload.

He also packaged a toy program, parun.

About his plans for future contributions he says:

  Well, I plan to do a lot of debugging of other packages, working on
  tightening up default security, making Debian work a _good_ (not
  just acceptable) desktop OS, and doing some work getting Debian
  GNU/Hurd under way.

Applicant Information

Real Name: Dwayne C. Litzenberger
Forward email to: debian@dlitz.net
preferred login:  dlitz


I recommend that Dwayne be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

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