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Re: RFC: Changing the NM system

>>>>> " " == Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> writes:

    >> 1. Raising the NM entry requirement in order to improve
    >> Debian's quality.  Which is a very good thing.

The quality of Debian is hard to measure.
Does a single package in unstable by a single maintainer have any
effect on debian?

If the maintainer of a package in not capable, the package should
never make it out of unstable. Debian protects itself from to buggy

Since the quality of a maintainer is very hard to measure and I don't
see a reason why someone not able to programm should not become
maintainer I would allways opt for removing this aspect.

As long as someone tries hard and is willing he should be able to
become maintainer no matter what his skills. Only time can tell if
someone is a good or bad maintainer.

I see a problem in the way becoming a Debian maintainer is an on/off
thing. Why not introduce levels of maintainers.

- First you become an aprentice assigned to a mentor. Uploads can only
be done on the aprentice own Packages, no NMU's. On upload the mentor
gets a note to check the package and if he approves it gets moved to

- Secondly (after 3 month and/or 3 releases of you package) you become
a joung maintainer. A joung maintainer may upload his own package but
still no NMUs.

- Then, after some time, he can become a full maintainer with full
rights. This stepp could take long, since the abilities a joung
maintainer needs are seldomely needed.

- When needed and again some time later one can become a Wizzard,
which would be the core team of debian, like the DAM. Those have
spezial rights like creating homedirs or maintainance of the
systems. Of cause those rights should be per person.

Just my 2c of thought.


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