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Re: Current delay to registration (Re: RFC: Changing the NM system)


In <00123018504100.01612@dune>,  on Sat, 30 Dec 2000 18:50:41 +0100,
 Mariusz Przygodzki <dune@home.pl> wrote:

> On Saturday 30 December 2000 03:27, Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> > It was longer from May to August, IIRC.  One of my applicant had waited
> > 2 or 3 months until finally he got registered. 
> Yes, just one. 125 days - if we beliewe nm.debian.org. The rest of yours 
> applicants have waited less than 20 days in this year. I wrote about 40 guys 
> who are waiting more then 30 days.

"The rest" are just 4 people. So percentage is 20.  Now there are more than
200 people in the queue, and 20% of them are more than 40.
OK, this is just a number-play, it does not mean anything really.

I also wish to have more timely process, but even the task for mere an AM
takes me a lot of care and time.  The task for the DAM will be more hard
to do, I suppose.

> The applicants are _also_ volunteers (and humans) and they may also work hard 
> on debian packages. So what can they do it if they don't like this situation 
> (situation with current NM process)? I think they do nothing.

If they don't like this, they can always reject (i.e. do not apply themself
at all).  I think the current system is definitly better than we had once,
but I know there may be some people who don't like this yet.

And, "Working hard on Debian packages" can be done in several ways now,
via BTS, QA team, sponsorship, etc.  They would cost extra work, but it
can in theoretically.

I know that applicants are volunteers, since I was an applicant just one
and a half year ago.  But working in Debian is not just being an volunteer
to do only what I wish to do.  There are many rules and policies to follow,
many discussions to join, many tasks to do.

And, this NM labyrinth is one of those required TODOs.  If an applicant
deadly wish to change the current situation, then he need to pass these
checks and to be registered as the member of Debian before he can start
his GR to change the situation or start the approach to get trust from
the DAMs, and to become one of DAMs (or DPL) himself. 
It will take long (maybe years) to realize this, and I don't know if 
this can be done or not.  I just say it is possible in theoretically.

> Yes, I fully agree. But these sentences more refers to the DAMs work actually.

I just trust the DAMs that they do required things to keep Debian intact.

> Yes, the prediction is very difficult especially when the order of the 
> process is _not_ affected the time of initial application or time of AM 
> approval (from the last 3-4 months at least - according to information on
> http://nm.debian.org/nmlist.php).

There may be reasons.  Some of them (such as work for archive-admins, 
porting-issues, or else) has been explained in this list at that time,
I remember.  You don't need to doubt everything other than yourself.

  Taketoshi Sano: <sano@debian.org>,<sano@debian.or.jp>,<kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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