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AM report for Nathan Scott

Summary for Nathan Scott <nathans@sgi.com>


Nathan's GPG key is signed by Chris Leishman <masklin@debian.org>

pub  1024D/74886B63 2000-11-14 Nathan Scott <nathans@sgi.com>
sig        B4E24219 2000-11-16  Chris Leishman <masklin@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Nathan summarized the SC and the DFSG and agrees with them.  He
answered my TeX question correctly, explained free speech and free
beer to me, and finally, he is paid to work on free software. ;)
He also knows the procedures of Debian.

Tasks & Skills

Nathan works on the Linux/XFS port at SGI.  He intends to package
XFS tools for Debian, and in fact has done so already.  The package
looked good.  Only some build dependencies were missing, and the
Description in debian/control should be formated in a better way.


I recommend that Nathan be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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