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Wouter de Vries approved


I recommend Wouter de Vries to be accepted as Debian Developer.

2. Identification
Him key is signed by Ivo Timmermans who is a registered developer.
pub  1024D/82AB4DF6 2000-10-12 Wouter de Vries <w.l.devries@student.tudelft.nl>
sig        EA1572F1 2000-11-20  Ivo Timmermans <zarq@iname.com>

3. Philosophy and Procedures
This applicant can explain the problem with Pine, can explain why Tex
is in main, and wrote about DFSG and DSC well. He also know that the
dfsg 4 is only a compromise, and this restriction is not recommended.
He knew the answers to NMUs. Also knew the non-free things.

4. Tasks and Skills
Successfully packaged ditty and kascade, these are ready for upload,
these are lintian clean.

Gergely Risko

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