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My Status Page for applicant

On 25 Nov 2000 Mike Markley (my AM) sent AM report for me 
Today is 27 Nov 2000 and now I see in my "Status Page for applicant" 

The following things need to happen still: 
 o Your Application Manager will put their approval to the DAM. 

I think I should do just one thing from three following things:

 o send a bug against nm.debian.org with severity "confused"
 o assume I see above status on my web browser only
 o [ sorry but my English doesn't allow me to express myself about what       
     exactly I'd like to say in this point ]

Is anybody from official Debian maintaners can advise me which a form from 
above actions is preffered (and efficient also) among Debian community.

Thanks for your understanding,

P.S. I am patient but I'd like to know what's going on.

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