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AM report for Joost van Baal

AM's Final Report for Joost van Baal <joostvb@xs4all.nl>
(by Anthony Fok, November 26, 2000)

Joost van Baal has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my
satisfaction.  I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.

        First name: Joost
         Last name: van Baal
         Home Page: http://mdcc.cx/~vanbaal/  ,  http://mdcc.cx/
    Current e-mail: joostvb@xs4all.nl
    Desired e-mail: joostvb@debian.org --> joostvb-debian@mdcc.cx
    debian-private: joostvb@debian.org

1. Initial Contact
Joost van Baal was assigned to me on 2000-09-03.  I accepted the
assignment on 2000-09-07 and sent Joost an initial contact e-mail.
Joost replied the same day with follow-ups in the next two days and
provided me with all the needed information.

2. Idenfication Check
Joost has provided a GnuPG-signed scanned image of his Netherlands
passport.  He has also provided the following public key:

$ gpg --check-sigs joostvb
pub  1024D/969457F0 2000-01-28 Joost van Baal <joostvb@xs4all.nl>
sig!       969457F0 2000-01-28  Joost van Baal <joostvb@xs4all.nl>
sig?       F7536648 2000-05-08  
sig!       85417161 2000-05-24  Joost Kooij <joost@kooij.com>
sig!       DA263218 2000-07-10  Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
sig!       66468D05 2000-07-10  Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>
sig!       F4984AE0 2000-07-26  Dale Scheetz (Dwarf #1) <dwarf@polaris.net>
sig!       6CE5FB54 2000-07-23  David Frey <dfrey@debian.org>
sig?       3B0BB9A9 2000-08-12  
sub  2048g/5550DC85 2000-01-28 [expires: 2005-01-26]
sig!       969457F0 2000-01-28  Joost van Baal <joostvb@xs4all.nl>

Joost's key has been signed by multiple Debian developers
including Thimbo, Marcelo, Dale and David.

Identification check passed.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
I asked Joost 5 questions: list some free software licenses; name some
non-free software and explain; why there were no KDE1/KDE2; PINE; and
what the Social Contract means to him.  All are answered very well. 
His answer on the KDE and Qt is especially comprehensive.

  > 5. What does the Debian Social Contract mean to you?  :-)

  I think the Debian Social Contract is a good way to make sure
  the intentions of people joining Debian, and therefore the
  idea behind Debian, stays somewhat the same. It is this idea
  that I like about Debian. I believe it is `a good thing' to
  support free and open source software.

Policy and procedures check passed.

4. Tasks and Skills

In Joost's own words (September 2000),

    FYI, I graduated at Eindhoven Technical University, as a
    mathematician. Currently, I work for Origin
    (http://www.origin-it.com/), and I just started the LogReport
    organisation with some other people (http://www.logreport.org/).
    I got a little experience in writing C and C++, a lot of
    experience in hacking Perl and shell scripts. I know about
    MTA's like sendmail, qmail and postfix. I know about DNS and
    nameservers like Bind and dnscache.

He has found a new job: "I'm working for LogReport now.
LogReport gets funded by the NLnet foundation. I'm writing GPL'd code
professionaly; I consider myself lucky & I'm very happy with it!"

His original intent was to package blackened, an IRC client.  However,
Blackened shared code with ircII and contained an obsolete ircII
license which is non-free, and Blackened upstream author is
unresponsive to help fix the problem.  So, Joost may instead package
xfloatgb and aft.  Also, he is hoping to package MCL real-soon-now, at:


that's a a Markov Cluster algorithm in C, for the math section.

He has also submitted patches for mutt and maildrop upstream.

Anyhow, he did package blackened in June, and is available at:

    deb http://mdcc.cx/debian/ potato contrib
    deb-src http://mdcc.cx/debian/ potato contrib
It was quite well packaged.  There were two Lintian errors:

  E: blackened: unknown-control-file config
  E: blackened: unknown-control-file templates

But these are Lintian's own bugs because Lintian does not yet recognize
debconf.  :-)

There were some minor bugs such as postinst trying to create
/etc/irc/servers while /etc/irc directory hasn't been created yet; lack
of Build-Depends; minor typo; etc., but Joost was very quick at fixing
them.  Also, this package uses some advanced features like debconf,
update-alternatives, and seems to work flawlessly.  Apparently, Joost
is quite adept at building Debian packages.

Tasks and skills check passed.

5. Evaluation and Check-in

I recommend that Joost van Baal becomes a Debian developer.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>
Application Manager for Joost van Baal

Anthony Fok Tung-Ling                Civil and Environmental Engineering
foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
   Debian GNU/Linux Chinese Project -- http://www.debian.org/zh/
Come visit Our Lady of Victory Camp -- http://www.olvc.ab.ca/

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