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AM report for Lenart Janos

Report for new developer applicant: Lenart Janos


Janos has provided his GPG public key to me which is signed by two
Debian developers, Tamas Szerb and Gergely Madarasz.

pub  1024D/B0458F4D 2000-08-17 Lenart Janos (gnupg) <ocsi@irisz.hu>
sig        B0458F4D 2000-08-17  Lenart Janos (gnupg) <ocsi@irisz.hu>
sig        EE0A35C7 2000-10-18  Risko Gergely <risko@njszki.hu>
sig        69C0FA93 2000-11-11  Tamas SZERB <toma@rulez.org>
sig        5A012B46 2000-11-12  Gergely Madarasz <gorgo@sztaki.hu>
sub  1024g/73A08281 2000-08-17
sig        B0458F4D 2000-08-17  Lenart Janos (gnupg) <ocsi@irisz.hu>

Philosophy and Procedures

Janos restated the DFSG and the Social Contract. He agrees to them and
applied them in two examples. He wasn't that familar with the KDE issue,
but after asking again, he explained the problems KDE had before QT was
dual licensed under the GPL. He also explained why TeX is in main and
agrees to the DMUP.

Tasks and Skills

Janos made two packages: bombardier and cfe. They basically look fine.
bombardier has two lintian warnings, but Janos got in contact with other
developers about that issue and he thinks that it is safe to ignore them.

I recommand Janos to be accepted as a new Debian developer. I think he can
be a helpful contribution to the project.

Prefered account name: lenart
Forwarded to: ocsi@irisz.hu
He wants to be subscribed to -private with ocsi@irisz.hu.


Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org>

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