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NM final report for Aaron Lehmann

Report for new developer applicant: Aaron Lehmann

I'm happy to report that Aaron Lehmann has satisfied the requirements
for the application to become a Debian maintainer. A summary of the
completed NM steps follows.


The applicant has sent the following GPG key:

pub  1024D/AE895899 2000-02-16 Aaron Lehmann <aaronl@vitelus.com>
sub  1024g/9C7EE404 2000-02-16

This key is signed by a Debian developer, Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>.

Philosophy and Procedures

The applicant has read the DFSG and the Social Contract, and has shown that he
understands the basic issues behind the DFSG. He is able to explain why a
package must go in non-free when the license allows free redistribution and
modification, but prohibits distribution for commercial use, and he's also
able to explain why a Debian-specific exception granted by the upstream author
would not ratify this situation.

Furthermore, the applicant has also shown familiarity with Debian procedures,
being currently a maintainer of several packages via a Debian sponsor.

Tasks and Skills

The applicant is currently an active maintainer (via a Debian sponsor) of the
packages pngcrush, gtkgraph, and gtk-theme-switch, and intends to adopt the
package xkoules. He is very familiar with the BTS and uses it on a regular

Furthermore, he is already subscribed to the debian-devel list and regularly
contributes to it.


The applicant has already been contributing to Debian and has shown himself to
uphold the philosophy behind Debian; hence, I highly recommend him to be
accepted as a new Debian maintainer.


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