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New Maintainer André Dahlqvist

Here is my report for André Dahlqvist from sweden.

1) Identification.

We tried very hard to find a swedish developer who could sign André's key,
but because of the distances in Sweden it was practically impossible for 
André to meet a developer. So instead, André has sent me a GPG signed scan
of his passport. The scan was positively identified by Eric Borg 
<eric.borg@telia.com>, who is a former collegue of André.

2) Philosophy and Procedures.

We have met on IRC, where André told he agrees with the DFSG and social
contract. When I asked why he wanted to join debian, André answered:

- First of all, I like free software, and what it stands for. I've been
- using free software that others have made, and I feel that I want to give
- back and I want to help make Debian GNU/Linux even better.

We shortly talked about a licensing problem. From the answer he gave I
think André fully understands the issues.

3) Tasks and Skills.
In hist first mail André told he would like to start working as a 
package maintainer. He has some programming experience in python
and java and knows some C and C++. 

André took over a package called pente, a five in a row variant for
X and the console. This package was previously maintained by Joey Hess.
I have sponsored pente on behalf of André. He has fixed some errors and
2 bugs in the package. It builds lintian free.

Guess what. André would like to help out with the new maintainer team.

That's it.
If no-one objects against André's application, I wil forward his details.

Joop Stakenborg - Debian GNU/Linux developer <pa3aba@debian.org>

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My girlfriend was really disappointed...
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