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AM report for Joseph Schlecht

Summary for Joseph Schlecht <jwschlec@us.ibm.com>


No Debian developer lives close to Joseph, so I accepted his signed
driver license.  There are some other NM applicants in his area and
I put Joe in contact with them.

Philosophy & Procedures

Joe summarized the Social Contract and the DFSG and agrees with them.
He understands pristine sources and could explain why TeX is compatible
with the DFSG.  He knows that Debian provides infrastructure for
non-free but that it is not part of Debian itself.  He also knows that
software with a Debian specific license wouldn't go in main and he
could explain NMUs.

Tasks & Skills

Joe packages 'ipsc' ('An IP Subnet Calculator').  The packages didn't
have a man page, some changes to upstream were not listed in the
Debian changelog and the Build-Depends line was missing.  Joe fixed
these issues already.  He will forward the man page to the upstream


I recommend that Joseph be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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