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AMs: The Identification Check stage


The primary and vastly preferred[1] method of passing the ID check is
to have a Debian developer's signature on your key.  Please always
check to see if it's possible for your applicant to get his key signed
by meeting another developer (the web pages give some tips about
this).  Obviously if your applicant is our first developer from the
Antarctic, then it'll be infeasible to require him to get his key
signed, but I'm seeing far too many applicants in, e.g.  major
American cities where I know there are other developers, falling back
on the scanned ID thing without even trying to find someone to sign
their key.  In the future, I'm going to start throwing such reports
back at AMs, and asking them to try to get the applicant to get his
key signed[2].

Assuming I'm not completely wrong/insane/whatever about this, it'd be
nice if someone could update the docs.  TIA.


[1] by the DAM at least ;-)
[2] So if it's not possible, be sure to mention that you tried in your

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