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AM report for Charl Botha

   Charl P. Botha has applied to become a Debian Maintainer.  He plans to
adopt Jed.  Based on the information gathered below I recommend he be

 His GPG key is signed by developer Ruud de Rooij <ruud@debian.org>.  His
public key is attached.

philosophy and procedures
  He has agreed to the social contract, DFSG, and DMUP.  His review of the
povray license caught most of the DFSG conflicts and was quite thorough.

tasks and skills
He has a great many other skills and knowledge, and I took the opportunity
to grill him about USB and a kernel driver (camera) he wrote.  He has
also written a PAM module and kernel watchdog driver. His new jed
.debs (at http://www.cg.its.tudelft.nl/~cpbotha/jedstuff/drake/ ) are
lintian clean, have changelogs, are signed, and are functional.  The control
and rules files looked conventional for a multiple-binary package. A last
minute communication with the current maintainer confirmed the Charl's
intention to adopt these packages.

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