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AM report for Murat Demirten

Summary for Murat Demirten <demirten@bilmuh.ege.edu.tr>


Murat sent me a signed, scanned student ID card.  I contacted
Dr Yasemin Topaloglu (who is listed as 'Associate Professor' at
http://bornova.ege.edu.tr/~yasemin) who confirmed the identity.

Philosophy & Procedures

Murat summarized the key points of the Social Contract and the DFSG.
He knew the problems with the Pine license, explained NMUs to me and
knows the difference between main, contrib and non-free.  He claimed
that programs with Debian specific licenses could go in main, but
after asking him again about this point, it got clear that he only
misunderstood me -- he was talking about Debian specific programs
(which are of course in main since everything Debian develops is DFSG
compliant).  Murat believes in free software and wants to build a web
site for Debian users in Turkey.  He also intends to help translating
the Debian web site.

Tasks & Skills

I grabbed his package of 'postaci' ('Web Based Protocol Independent
(IMAP, POP3) Mail Program') which he had prepared before I got in
contact with him.  The Build-Depends was missing, many .ex files were
in debian/, and some gif files were installed in executable mode (and
some more minor issues like no pointer to the GPL).  The package looks
fine now.  Since the package is quite big (and I'm sure I missed some
more smaller problems), I suggested getting someone on debian-mentors
to take another look at the package.  However, Murat certainly passed
the Skill Test.


I recommend that Murat be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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