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Re: your mail

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Ralf Treinen wrote:

> What is the procedure after an appliant is put on hold? Will he
> automatically be refused after some time, or do I (the AM) decide
> myself what happens next?

What happens next is up to the applicant. Until the applicant can resolve
the communication problems, they remain on hold, potentially for ever.

You have no other responsibilities for this applicant until they contact
either you or the Front Desk at some time in the future.

> Background: I have an applicant who is not responding to my initial mail.
> I'm now to send a reminder and I want to tell what is going to happen if he 
> still does not reply, like:
>   Please reply within one week and tell me at least how you are 
>   planning to proceed for your ID check. If you fail to react by
>   <in 1 week> I will have to put you on "hold", and eventually to
>   recommend refusal if there is no progress by <in 3 weeks>. You
>   are welcome to re-apply to debian any time later.

Please put him on hold, so I can give you a (hopefully) more responsive

Waiting is,

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