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Final report for Andreas Mueller

James: Just one note for you. Although Andreas' key is signed and seems to
be ok, it fails to confirm his signature on documents. It isn't clear
exactly what is wrong, and I'm not the right person to fix it, so while
you have my apologies for dumping work on your shoulders, I have no other
choice. Please help Andreas resolve his key difficulties...


Andreas Mueller <amu@tr.debian.net>


Andreas' key is signed by wagner@debian.org and therefore satisfies the ID
requirements (once the minor glitch is resolved)


Andreas has agreed to the terms of the Social Contract and DFSG as the
principles of Debian, and has agreed to support them in his Debian work.


Andreas has been under the wings of a sponsor, and already has several
packages that he is maintaining, including:


In addition he is maintaining www.tr.debian.org, ftp.tr.debian.org and is
the Translation-Coordinator for the Turkish Webpages.


Given that Andreas was originally assigned to an AM who was unable to
process his application, his patience during these delays is to be
commended. Given the fact that he has been very well sponsored and is
already contributing to the Debian effort I see every reason to accept his

I look forward to welcoming him as a Debian developer as soon as the
details have been resolved.

Waiting is,

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