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Good news week...

First my apologies to all the new AMs who I have failed to welcome here
on the list. It is thanks to all the new workers (combined with the
ongoing efforts of the "old guard") that we are finally starting to pull
ahead on the backlog. If you want to see who all the new helpers are, I
encourage you to take a look at the current list of AMs, or the
leader board.

We just broke 300 applicants today, and the good news is that less than
100 of these folks are currently waiting in line for an AM. We have
processed almost 100 applicants, and are currently handling over 100
applications. It is finally looking like we may actually be able to catch
up with the future about the time it gets here ;-)

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for
your hard work and excellent productivity. I know how hard I've worked on
this project, so I appreciate the matching funds that everyone here has
applied to the problem. Without your cooperation and energy, all my
efforts could easily have gone for naught.

Thanks to everyone's hard work I predict that the new maintainer process
will continue to improve and that at some point even the rest of Debian
will recognize that fact ;-)


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