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Re: A problem with identification

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 09:36:41PM +0200, Christian Surchi wrote:
> I'm processing my first NM and I'm in identification process. He is Tom
> Cato Amundsen <tomcato@iname.com>. He has a gpg key signed by Per
> Lundberg <plundis@debian.org>, but Per signed Tom's key with his new gpg
> key, and this key is not in keyring yet. I could only get that key from
> another keyserver, but it has neither a d.o id. How should I behave?
OK, so we have a few keys here.
  New Per
  Old Per
Old Per is in the Debian keyring
New Per signed Tom's key
The problem. Is New Per really Old Per?

Email Per, encrypt the email in his old key.  In that email send his
Tom's signed key and possibly some random phrase.
If Per can decrypt your message and reply back saying "yes i signed
Tom's key" in a message signed by old Per's key then I'd say you're

That's what I'd do. You've then closed the loop with old Per, which is
what you want to do. Really, new Per could sign old Per's key as well.

> Should I wait for that key in keyring or can I skip this step and work
> with Tom on following steps?
You can skip this step.  You do not have to do them in order.  However
you cannot recommend an applicant until the ID, P&P and T&S stages have
been passed.

  - Craig
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