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Re: gpg key question (first applicant)

Guillaume Morin wrote:
> Hi,
> My first applicant has provided a gpg key which
> has been created by the version 1.0.1 of GnuPG.
> I've read on the website that I should ask him
> to generate a key with the version 1.0.2 but the
> AM HOWTO posted by Julian does not mention this.
> So I need to be sure : does he really need to
> generate a new key ? If this is true, I think
> he only needs to sign the new key with the old one
> (signed by a current debian developper). Am I right?

I tentatively trust that I am not stepping out
of line here, but on
there is an item on gpg version (double-quoted):

> > ...Also note that some compatability problem
> > between GnuPG <= 1.0.1 and >= 1.0.2 has been
> > reported about ElGamal key handling. If you
> > use ElGamal key, you should install 
> > GnuPG >= 1.0.2 (the package is in woody)
> > and generate another key.

Is your (ahem) first applicant using an ElGamal key?

> I understand that these questions may seem stupid,...

Much the rather, your questions show that you are
putting thought into the matter.  Despite the
adage about "no such thing as a stupid question",
I find that the only ones are those about which
no thought had first been given.  Yours does not
fit this class.

> but he's my first applicant, so I want to be sure
> that I do the right thing.
> Regards,
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> Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>
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