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Re: Jackd hell and other oddities

On Tue, 2007-04-10 at 18:02 +0100, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> > 1) A multimedia/desktop oriented kernel like the one in 64Studio or
> > here: ftp://musix.ourproject.org/pub/musix/deb/kernel/n 
> I believe Musix now uses the 64 Studio kernel packages, so that's one 
> less variable ;-) Ubuntu Studio is not going for a Molnar-style RT 
> kernel, according to an interview with Cory Kontros I read.
> > The
> > reason why this has not been made already it's a secret to me, and a
> > even weirder one.
> I believe it's because in the mainstream, audio on GNU/Linux has mostly 
> been addressed from the point of view of a so-called 'consumer'. So 
> distros have tried to solve questions like "How do I make my iPod work 
> out of the box, so I can re-arrange my collection of Britney Spears 
> downloads?" rather than "How do I tune my kernel and OS for maximum 
> performance when tracking 24 channels over my ADAT interface?"

 Understandable as it may be, this is indeed a bit paradoxical.

Free software used to have a rather high percentage of developers
among its users.  Hence, the bundling tools of software production,
like compilers and debuggers is taken for granted.

We don't just have PDF viewers and Web browsers in the distro, 
but also editors and illustration tools that can output PDF, HTML,
CSS and even Flash.

Is it really so that as far as sound or video is concerned,
Debian users only have utterly mundane needs?

I believe that a high percentage of "creators" are needed among 
Debian's users, to provide a broad recruitment basis for A/V-savvy
developers who can push the envelope, on Linux.

Media players, music libraries and synching apps are popular, 
but mundane.  Demanding users will take them for granted (so they
HAVE to be there, and "just work"!) but won't be awestruck by them. 
 Free Software isn't just about freedom, but empowerment, too.
The ability to consume is not a very compelling power.  The 
ability to create, express and publish has a better ring to it.

Like most other users, creators want their stuff to "just work".
I don't think those connecting a cheap USB MIDI keyboard to
their Linux box deserve to be considered pioneers or freaks.

 Herman Robak

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