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Re: realtime-lsm for default Debian kernel

On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 05:16:11PM +0200, Roland Stigge wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
> > The realtime lsm has been deprecated in favor of using rt rlimits. pam
> > in etch supports this for some time now, so what is the point of
> > spending more time and effort on the lsm?
> Not knowing it? :) In fact, jackd's README.Debian and the package
> realtime-lsm suggest that realtime-lsm is the only solution.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound pissy. Yes, the jackd docs are likely out of
date and should be changed if so. Care to file a bug?

There is a newer jackd that Free uploaded to experimental. It's way to
late to get it into etch. But, are documentation changes still being

> Now that I know it, I can also use limits.conf.
> Maybe the jackd documentation should be adjusted (and realtime-lsm
> removed from the archive).

There was never anything wrong with the lsm per se, other than that the
kernel devs rejected it. Nonetheless, it should go away eventually. I'm
not sure about removing it from etch, though ... there could be numerous
documentation bugs like the one you've come across. What do others

-Eric Rz.

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