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Re: we got our first bugs filed against rosegarden

On Saturday 24 June 2006 20:13, Mike O'Connor was like:
> > "Free Ekanayaka" <free@miu-ft.org> said on 06/19/2006:
> > |--==> Mike O'Connor writes:
> >
> >   MO> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=373885
> >   MO> I just checked in a new control file that declares Conflicts:
> > against MO> the older rosegarden2,4 packages to try to fix this bug.
> >
> >   MO> Hopefully later today I'll get time to start going through all the
> > old MO> bugs and either close the obviously outdated ones, or tag them
> > with MO> moreinfo.
> >
> > Thanks for having dealt with this, when you feel  the package is ready
> > for a new upload please ping me.
> >
> > Ciao,
> >
> > Free
> OK, I just checked in changes that fix 373885, and I created a patch that
> fixes the segfault in 374716.  I'm sending that patch upstream.
> I was unable to reproduce 374814, can anyone else reproduce it?  I have
> requested more info from the submitter, we'll see what we get.
> And I started pinging the old bugs, and I'm closing some of the ones that
> are clearly no longer relevant.
> Free,
> The package is probably in a good state to upload, unless you want to wait
> to see if we can get more info on 374814.
> thanks,
> stew

While you're at it, I notice 
that "/usr/share/icons/locolor/32x32/apps/rosegarden.xpm" doesn't exist. 
Ideally these icons should live in /usr/share/pixmaps/ and be referenced 
from /usr/share/menu/rosegarden as such. I can submit a bug report for this 
if you _really_ need me to. (it would be nice to provide a PNG as well ;)

tim hall

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