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Re: starting audio applications via a common wrapper?


> What if we designed a wrapper to start audio applications accordingly?
> We have several applications that work with many sound daemons but
> are unable to detect them or decide which one to use based on
> priorities. hydrogen is one of them.
> This wrapper could be called instead of the real application, it would
> detect the several output methods available (by trying to connect to
> the daemons in the preferred order) and after finding the best choice
> it would then exec the real application with the correct command line
> option added.
> This could be easily done using the alternative system already in debian
> to select which applications would be called by the wrapper (using
> the good old symbolic link/argv[0] trick).

Here is a question: Do we want to start jack if it's not already
started (always obey the symlinks that the sysadmin has set), or do we
want to autodetect the current status ?

It might be nice to have a helper command that just detects what sound
daemon is running and help applications to use. Currently individual
applications are doing their own checks in their own ways, which may
sometimes have problems.

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