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Re: Debian policy on multimedia ?


> > I usually don't have a MIDI keyboard around me, and I'm using software
> > synthesizers. I have an impression that the software synthesizing defaults
> > are:
> >
> > most applications -- timidity
> >
> > KDE applications (noteedit/kguitar) -- tse
> >
> > My thinking in the MIDI area was that it would be nice if Debian could
> > provide an infrastructure so that default software synthesizer can be
> > configured.
> >
> > Also, MIDI virtual keyboard input is nontrivial. I don't really know
> > of how people actually do it.
> >
> > and /me notices that there is vkeybd package, however it's not obvious how
> > I can set it up so that it can make sound through
> > timidity/zynaddsubfx/hydrogen.
> OK, I understand your point more clearly.
> <disclaimer>
> I'm a little short on brain space today, so this is going to be mercifully 
> brief. ;)
> </disclaimer>
> There are various issues coming up, we can broadly divide them into internal 
> software MIDI and interaction with external hardware MIDI devices. We need:
> an infrastructure so that default software synthesizer can be configured.
> a user-friendly way of configuring vkeybd
> proper working support for snd-virmidi
> Out of the box support for external MIDI devices and autoconfiguration of 
> external MIDI port.
> I shall have to look at the alternatives system and see if it provides for a 
> sensible-MIDI-player default. Hmm, let me guess ...
> What do we need to clarify here?

In terms of classical Debian terms, we will probably require a policy
documenting the following.  I'm a bit further away than I like from a
policy documentation at the moment, because not every piece is
available yet.

1. standard configuration file to set the default midi input for all apps
2. standard configuration file to set the default midi output for all apps
3. a default sensible-midi-player, sensible-midi-keyboard package 
   which is provided by vkeybd/zynaddsubfx/etc., or actual hardware.
4. applications which can utilize MIDI input/output be configured to 
   use the sensible-midi-* for their default.

1. standard way to configure default audio input/output protocol.
  currently one needs to define whether one wants to use 
  OSS/ALSA/jack/whateverelse for audio I/O

2. an expected fallback order for default audio I/O.
 e.g. Apps will use audio in JACK->ALSA->OSS in the available order.

Other things that documents current practice entering policy documentation

1. standard way to specify plugins and adding plugins to applications.
  LADSPA paths, default search path for LADSPA. (It should probably 
  be updated eventually, considering we have biarch and multiarch)

2. Where the jack paths are, jack ABI is modified how, what's so
   different about jack in Debian.

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