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Re: Debian policy on multimedia ?

On Sunday 15 January 2006 23:28, Junichi Uekawa was like:
> Hi,
> > > Considering MIDI, a pre-requirement of MIDI keyboard with ALSA
> > > configured is more than what most casual users would want. Most people
> > > would probably have a requirement of a playback of MIDI instrument,
> > > and probably a leap to a virtual MIDI keyboard before jumping into
> > > buying a full MIDI I/O setup.
> >
> > Practically every keyboard manufactured since 198? has a MIDI port -
> > buying a full MIDI I/O set-up involves buying a connector cable in most
> > cases. At present most gameport type connections require adding
> > snd-seq-midi to /etc/modules, most cards use port 0x330 for this. I am
> > pre-supposing the use of ALSA here, however the only reasons for not
> > auto-configuring MIDI would be that it conflicts with other possible
> > set-ups. I think many more casual users would use MIDI if it didn't seem
> > awkward to set up.
> I usually don't have a MIDI keyboard around me, and I'm using software
> synthesizers. I have an impression that the software synthesizing defaults
> are:
> most applications -- timidity
> KDE applications (noteedit/kguitar) -- tse
> My thinking in the MIDI area was that it would be nice if Debian could
> provide an infrastructure so that default software synthesizer can be
> configured.
> Also, MIDI virtual keyboard input is nontrivial. I don't really know
> of how people actually do it.
> and /me notices that there is vkeybd package, however it's not obvious how
> I can set it up so that it can make sound through
> timidity/zynaddsubfx/hydrogen.

OK, I understand your point more clearly.

I'm a little short on brain space today, so this is going to be mercifully 
brief. ;)

There are various issues coming up, we can broadly divide them into internal 
software MIDI and interaction with external hardware MIDI devices. We need:

an infrastructure so that default software synthesizer can be configured.

a user-friendly way of configuring vkeybd

proper working support for snd-virmidi

Out of the box support for external MIDI devices and autoconfiguration of 
external MIDI port.

I shall have to look at the alternatives system and see if it provides for a 
sensible-MIDI-player default. Hmm, let me guess ...

What do we need to clarify here?


tim hall

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