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Re: alsa + jack + ladspa + dssi + lash + ...

Em Dom, 2006-01-15 às 11:05 +0000, tim hall escreveu:
> When you talk of the 'multimedia task force' who do you refer to? DeMuDi 
> already has plenty of motivation and purpose and the integration is very 
> good, most packages work out of the box. What I find confusing is that for 
> some people there seems to be a separation between Debian multimedia and 
> DeMuDi in their minds, which might account for people not finding what they 
> are looking for. ;)

Well... just used a name that has been in my mind for some time, it
could refer to any group who has (at least some) members which are
officially part of debian, deals with multimedia stuff and has the
ways to write debian policies and guidelines on that matter and
integrate new developments into debian proper. If that's DeMuDi,
then I'm sorry for introducing more confusion :)

Well, I think a good step towards mitigating the separation that
there seems to exist in people's minds would be getting the right
kind of exposion for DeMuDi. It does not even seem to be listed
in the Projects session in http://www.us.debian.org/devel/

> See Debian policy on multimedia thread.

I see Guenter is the maintainer for ladcca, I suppose he has probably
considered packaging the newer versions... maybe there's a reason
for lash not yet being part of Debian... Guenter? :)



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