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alsa + jack + ladspa + dssi + lash + ...

Besides doing some work with multimedia packages in debian (zynaddsubfx
and specimen mostly) I also use Debian in a music/multimedia project of
mine (called crosstalk http://www.crosstalkmedia.net, sorry, it's all in
portuguese by now, but the podcast might be enjoyable for all).

We're about to start doing live gigs regularly and we're in desperate
need of session handling. Since we started using shell scripts to
set up the midi and jack connections and starting the applications in
the correct order for us, we could do some small presentations and
it mostly worked, but now we're getting bigger and need to switch
between songs (which frequently use different setups) quickly... It's
becoming really hard to coordinate, and since one of the members is not 
a free software geek (he's a graphics designer and amateur musician)
it should be easy for him if we want to use free software.

Without session handling and proper integration all this cool software
loses pratical usability, I thought lash was already part of debian
and was thinking of modifying zynaddsubfx and specimen to work with
it, Debian has already pushed standards in the past, I think we
should take this step on the multimedia front, who cares it will take
us one year to have all this accepted/adopted upstream? Does someone
believe the next stable release of Debian will happen before that? ;)

It's a good oportunity to give the "multimedia task force" the 
motivation and purpose it needs



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