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Re: midi, sarge, 2.6, sb awe 64, woes

On Sun, Jul 10, 2005 at 01:16:43AM -0700, Henricus Holtman wrote:
> Has anyone managed to get midi running on a SoundBlaster awe64 pnp card with
> sarge with a 2.6 kernel?
> I want to use Solfege on sarge running a 2.6.8-2-686 kernel on my PII 
> computer
> with a SoundBlaster awe64 pnp card.  Solfege seems to use midi as its sound
> output.  My sb card, with the snd_sbawe module and its dependents loaded 
> seems
> to play cd's, but I have been having a frustrating time trying to get 
> any midi
> output.  There seems to be a lack of precise documentation on how to 
> accomplish
> this.  I have read that the Soundblaster-AWE howto is the documentation for
> this, but it is old, seems to be presuming that you are going to 
> interface with
> oss, instead of the alsa that is built into the 2.6 kernel, so I don't 
> know how
> to interpret this howto.  For example, does one need isapnptools with 
> the 2.6
> kernel, or has this been absorbed into the main kernel?
> In general there are many modules and programs that seem to have some 
> connection
> with my goal, but what if any combination I haven't found yet.  I don't
> understand what the sound modules do in general.  I tried timidity, in 
> order to
> bypass the whole midi input but it seems as if it will not work smoothly 
> on my
> system, probably due to my slow cpu (333MHz) speed.
> If anyone has some kind of an idea to help me out of my quandary I would 
> be very
> thankful.
> Henricus Holtman

Hi Henricus

Have you tried aoss from the alsa-oss package?

$aoss solfege

works for me.


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