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Re: Debian on android Kernel with android driver use

On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 1:52 AM, JBBgameich wrote:

> Yes, most drivers for Android smartphones aren't open-source, but I thought
> of taking them from LineageOS or Cyanogenmod, they redistribute them too,
> right?

They may distribute them, but Debian cannot without permission.

> Maybe just a script which downloads the sources (and binary blobs) and
> builds them as debian package with debian adaptions downloaded from another
> place, maybe like OpenElec does whith their build script for Raspberry Pi
> and others.

That sounds like a reasonably good workaround.

> The Kernel code for (at least) my phone is available directly from the
> manufacturer (BQ) on github, but I guess rebasing the code is more work than
> just playing around with git, right?

A lot more work; it is likely to involve rewriting it for the
standards of the Linux kernel community. The manufacturer versions of
the Linux kernel can contain millions of extra lines of code.

> I already spoke to the Plasma Mobile team longer, and they already have
> ubuntu packages, which would needed to be cleaned up and adapted to debian
> (just change a few dependency names). BTW they don't use ubuntu touch
> anymore, because canonicals support and updates were awfull. Thank you for
> the hint to talk to the Debian Qt/KDE team, I will at least talk to them and
> maybe the packaging could be done as a team by the plasma-mobile team (that
> packages their things at least for ubuntu anyway).

Thanks for that, it would be great if folks from Plasma Mobile could
join the Debian Qt/KDE team efforts.

> I am glad to have heard that the kernel already has mainline support for the
> Nexus 5 (hammerhead), if they continue their work, this workaround will not
> be needed in the future. There is also work on open source adreno GPU kernel
> drivers, which would add the ability to use other kernels than the one the
> phone brought with it.

Initial support for hammerhead (just serial console over headphone
jack) is in Linux 4.8. Doesn't look like the .dtb for hammerhead got
distributed in the Debian stretch kernel yet though. Later commits add
regulators, GPIOs and eMMC. So probably Linux 4.10 or later might be
somewhat useful. That is just going by the commits to the DTS, the
drivers might have been added earlier.

BTW, freedreno is already merged into mesa IIRC and available in the
packages in Debian stretch.

> I hope at least something can be done, if it's only packaging the phone gui
> in debian, that would be something.

First thing to package would have to be fso-el, an Emacs front-end for FSO ;)

You don't need to package anything to get phone calls btw, any
Telepathy frontend (Empathy/etc) should be able to make calls/texts
via the telepathy-ring package. BTW I think telepathy-ring needs a new
maintainer and an upgrade to the fork done by Nemo/Mer if you want to
help out.




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