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Debian on android Kernel with android driver use

I found this (https://github.com/mickybart/gnulinux_support/) on Github a few days ago, and it sounded very interesting to me. The project uses libhybris and a few other tools to talk to the android parts in a chroot. It uses systemd for controlling the init process, and for starting the android chroot. The currently supported Linux distribution is Arch, but it shouldn't be to complicated to use debian with it. There would just be a lot of packaging work to be done like libhybris and some other tools.

And of course there would device specific android kernels and android-chroot-rootfs to package ...

With my phone as example they could be called like this:

- linux-image-3.18.24-1-chaozu

- firmware-android-nonfree-5.1-chaouzu

And I would really like to see Plasma Mobile UI (original package name plasma-phone-components) in Debian.

I haven't understood this way of porting completely, but I wanted to know your opinion on it, and if you think it could be done for at least for one prototype phone and maybe not officially in debian, because there would be this non-free android firmware in many cases. But since there are some things already done, it would be a great achievement to bring a QML based UI and full Gnu/Linux to android phones.

I hope this makes any sense :D


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