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Re: last update status `timed out` for ftp.ir.d.o


First of all thanks for your helpful response, I have change my ip to:
Please change the ftp.ir.debian.org to it or bind an alias for debian.asis.ai.
Can you check the health of this network about RPKI issue?

_factoreal from ASIS

On January 6, 2020 at 12:27:15 AM, Dominik Bay (dominik@bay.sh) wrote:
> Hi,
> this seems to be an RPKI issue at you ISP.
> The network has a ROA, visible here: https://rpki-validator.ripe.net/roas  
> Unfortunately, it only allows a /19 netmask, but the network with debian.asis.ai is  
> in announced by AS62048.
> To fix this, you have to talk to AS31732 (Parsun Network Solutions) so they can allow up  
> to /24 and create a ROA for with origin AS62048.
> Hope that helps,
> Dominik
> (sorry for TOFU, using Outlook at the moment)
> ________________________________________
> From: factoreal  
> Sent: Sunday, January 5, 2020 15:30
> To: debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org
> Subject: last update status `timed out` for ftp.ir.d.o
> Hello,
> Dear Staff,
> In recent days the status of ftp.ir.debian.org is `timed out` in this page:
> https://mirror-master.debian.org/status/mirror-status.html
> and I don’t the reason, I have checked the debian.asis.ai from several IP’s
> and all of them show that our mirror is up and running! Can you check the
> mirror and let me know to find out the `timed out` real reason.
> ----------------------------
> Regards
> _factoreal from ASIS

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