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Re: last update status `timed out` for ftp.ir.d.o


this seems to be an RPKI issue at you ISP.
The network has a ROA, visible here: https://rpki-validator.ripe.net/roas
Unfortunately, it only allows a /19 netmask, but the network with debian.asis.ai is in announced by AS62048.

To fix this, you have to talk to AS31732 (Parsun Network Solutions) so they can allow up to /24 and create a ROA for with origin AS62048.

Hope that helps,

(sorry for TOFU, using Outlook at the moment)

From: factoreal <factoreal@asis.sh>
Sent: Sunday, January 5, 2020 15:30
To: debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org
Subject: last update status `timed out` for ftp.ir.d.o

Dear Staff,
In recent days the status of ftp.ir.debian.org is `timed out` in this page:
and I don’t the reason, I have checked the debian.asis.ai from several IP’s
and all of them show that our mirror is up and running! Can you check the
mirror and let me know to find out the `timed out` real reason.

_factoreal from ASIS

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