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Re: ftp.pl.debian.org (ftp.task.gda.pl) FAILURE

W dniu 04.03.2019 o 14:53, Michał Białoskórski pisze:
W dniu 27.02.2019 o 13:32, Peter Palfrader pisze:
On Wed, 27 Feb 2019, skorka@task.gda.pl wrote:

Due to serious disk fialure, servers:


are powered off.
Please change DNS CNAME.
done.  Thanks for letting us know.

debian.task.gda.pl is ready now
there are few changes:

1. IPv6 address of debian.task.gda.pl has been changed to 2001:4070:1:2::3 2. IPv4 address I wait for triggers and do rsync from has been changed to (DNS has been preserved)

best regards,


Do you plan to change ftp.pl.debian.org back to debian.task.gda.pl ?
The server is ready.

Best regards,

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