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Re: ftp.uk.debian.org flaky?

David Croft <david@sargasso.net> writes:

> We sync from ftp.uk.debian.org (mirror.bytemark.co.uk)

Erm, normally it's not bytemark, but rather debian.hands.com -- it's
pointing at bytemark just now because of the problem mentioned in this
thread (see below)

> and have had mostly nothing but DNS resolution failures from the CNAME
> over the last couple of days, Bytemark are probably having some
> issues.
> It would be great if we could figure out who operates
> syncproxy3.eu.debian.org as we have been trying for years to reach
> admins of that to sync from there instead.

It seems that the machine started thrashing, as a result of running a
couple of the jobs that build the jigdo snapshot area in parallel (which
really should not happen, since there is a lock specifically to stop
that :-/ )

This has been happening with increasing regularity of late, presumably
caused by the fact that the script in question tries to keep a lot of
state in memory, and the archive keeps growing, which means that it
takes ever longer to run -- although that does not explain what's up
with the lock.

I have a new implemetation in the works that I hope will sort that all
out and do the job without eating all RAM.

Meanwhile, my wife's in bed running a fever, and I'm looking after the
kids, so it took a bit longer than one might have hoped for me to notice
the problem this time -- sorry about that.

Anyway, the machine's back up & running, and should have synced mirrors
so will likely resume serving as ftp.uk.d.o shortly.  Sorry for the

Cheers, Phil.
|)|  Philip Hands  [+44 (0)20 8530 9560]  HANDS.COM Ltd.
|-|  http://www.hands.com/    http://ftp.uk.debian.org/
|(|  Hugo-Klemm-Strasse 34,   21075 Hamburg,    GERMANY

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