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ftp.de.debian.org now in Sweden?


tl;dr: Did I miss the announcement that ftp.de is down?

I'm using ftpsync to update our local mirror from ftp.de.debian.org, as
that one provides rsync support for debian-security. That job fails
since today. Digging deeper I found the following change:

> $ dig ftp.de.debian.org
> ;ftp.de.debian.org.             IN      A
> ftp.de.debian.org.      251     IN      CNAME   ftp.acc.umu.se.
> ftp.acc.umu.se.         394     IN      A
> ftp.acc.umu.se.         394     IN      A

Did something happen to TU Dresen (which AFAIK was operating ftp.de)?

I know the recommendation from
> We recommend debian-security not be mirrored.

but I need to mirror the security archive for post-processing and rsync
was helping me with regular updates quiet nicely. If there is some other
preferred way to mirror the security archive efficiently I'm open to
change our process.

Thanks for all your work
Philipp (also a DD)
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