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API for fetching mirrors of specific protocols like HTTPS or FTPS and reflector for Arch port

Manjaro and Arch have tools like reflector and pacman-mirros which allow users to select mirrors based on protocols easily.

In Manjaro all I have to do to fetch all HTTPS mirrors and add them to the mirror list is

sudo pacman-mirrors -a -P https -m rank

http://repo.manjaro.org/ Note that the mirror list website itself can't be fetched over HTTPS.


It seems Manajaro and Arch mirror list websites provide APIs for protocol filtering.

The three protocols avaialable seem to be FTP, HTTP, HTTPS. However pacman-mirrors also allows ftps. It seems there is no mirror serving over FTPS, so it is not available.

HTTPS and FTPS are the ones I need, which debian doesn't seem to provide.

If you do provide these APIs then some one can make reflector or pacman-mirros clone for Debian.

Also include apt-transport-https by default in Debian incase users want to not download that package over HTTP.

Providing this will help users who want to switch to HTTPS. For the reasons provided in this reddit post.


Please note that the language might be trollish, but the arguments seem to be valid. Espeically for people in some countries who don't have the rights Debian devs from the west have.

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