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Re: rsync errors when using latest ftpsync

Hi Steve

On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 08:11:45PM +1100, Steve (IWWD) wrote:
> > > This is the log from the last execution:
> > > Oct 14 12:00:01 debian ftpsync[19935]: Mirrorsync start Oct 14 
> > > 12:00:01 debian ftpsync[19935]: Running mirrorsync, update is 
> > > required, /mirrors/debian//Archive-Update-Required-debian.localdomain 
> > > exists
> > You system thinks it is called debian.localdomain.  So this system is not even completely setup yet.  It neither have a complete name in /etc/hosts, nor does get it from DNS.
> Sorry, ignore this, I replaced the actual domain with this before sending just as a reference only, the systems DNS is correctly configured.

The public name should be set anyway via MIRRORNAME, so it is not

> > > What kind of filesystem do you use?
> The file system on the mirror instance is ext4 but the actual files are being saved on an NFS drive linked to a FreeNAS server, that is using ZFS; it has been this way since the mirror was setup years ago.

Okay.  FreeNAS (some kind of BSD, which version?) with ZFS.  Filesystem
used via NFS 3 or 4.0 from a Debian Wheezy.

Can you please confirm that it also happens with a manual "ln -s"
command on the NFS client?  What happens if you do it directly on the

What happens if you do directly on the FreeNAS:
| ln -s /dev/null test1
| ln test1 test2


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