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Re: rsync errors when using latest ftpsync


On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 02:48:22PM +1100, Steve (IWWD) wrote:
> After testing further, it seems the issue was indeed related to the 'owner' permissions.  Once I had recursively set both the 'owner' and 'group' to the ftpsync executing user, the update ran correctly and links were created fine.
> The problem it seems is that rsync, whenever it creates a new file, it's setting the owner as 'root', but is setting the group as the executing user.
> Could there be an issue with the rsync command or something I'm missing?

It has to be your environmnent.  ftpsync does not call rsync with the
"preserve owner" option, as a user in a Unix-like environment is not
allowed to change the owner anyway.  And I doubt any of the existing
large mirrors would list files as owned by root.

So if a user creates a file or symlink and it's suddenly owner by a
different one, something is really broken.

> This is the log from the last execution:
> Oct 14 12:00:01 debian ftpsync[19935]: Mirrorsync start
> Oct 14 12:00:01 debian ftpsync[19935]: Running mirrorsync, update is required, /mirrors/debian//Archive-Update-Required-debian.localdomain exists

You system thinks it is called debian.localdomain.  So this system is
not even completely setup yet.  It neither have a complete name in
/etc/hosts, nor does get it from DNS.

> What kind of filesystem do you use?

You did not write this.  Please fix your mail client to do proper


But Captain -- the engines can't take this much longer!

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