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Inability to provide HTTP service for current ftp.cn.debian.org

Dear Debian mirrors team,

According to recent notice from our supervising authority, we, the mirror site 
of mirrors.ustc.edu.cn, will not be able to serve HTTP access on port 80 with 
the resolved domain ftp.cn.debian.org in the following days.

With HTTPS disabled by recent changes on DNS [1], we will not be able to serve 
users in HTTPS either. This means we cannot effectively serve users under the 
domain of ftp.cn.debian.org.

Please consider switching the resolution of this domain (ftp.cn.debian.org) to 
other mirror sites available for now.

Boyuan Yang (on behalf of admins of mirrors.ustc.edu.cn)

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors-announce/2017/09/msg00000.html

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