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Re: Problems mirroring archive

El Dijous, 8 de setembre de 2016, a les 16:41:41, Povl Ole Haarlev Olsen va 
> On Thu, 8 Sep 2016, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> > I'm maintaining a non official mirror  (sir.upc.edu/debian) using the
> > ftpsync script. It have been working for the last two years (?) with a
> > few issues.
> > 
> > Since yesterday morning I'm not able to sync anymore. I have tested
> > several
> > servers, and the result is the same:
> I don't know which servers you have tried, but according to
> https://www.debian.org/mirror/list-full it doesn't look like the mirror at
> verdaguer-ftp.cesca.cat is available over rsync. That also explains why
> you get a timeout when the script tries to connect using rsync:

yes, you are right!!!!

It's interesting because it has been working till yesterday.

> > $ cat rsync-ftpsync.error.0
> > rsync: failed to connect to verdaguer-ftp.cesca.cat (
> > Connection timed out (110)
> > rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(128)
> > [Receiver=3.1.1]
> > 
> > Although I can connect to the machines that I want to mirror.
> Connect how? A mirror can be available over e.g. http without being
> available over rsync.

yes ...

> > Some of you could give me some idea, light or whatever to find why the
> > error?
> I just tried to connect to the rsync mirror at ftp.at.debian.org (the
> first one in the list) and it worked. You might try that one or see if you
> can find another rsync mirror closer to you in the mirror list:

I changed the mirror and ensure that has rsync and it seems that all is 
working again.



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